Why Grain Free?

Should My Dog Eat Grain Free?

In addition to only using healthy ingredients that are also highly nutritious, H&P Dog Treats are grain free! But being grain free isn’t enough – our treats are designed to provide a complex array of nutrients all while being delicious AND grain free!


But Why Should I Care?

That’s a great question, we’re glad you asked!! A grain free diet is often recommended for canines, as it is more nutritious and closer to a dog’s natural diet. Unfortunately, dog foods are usually made with low-quality grains such as corn and cereal, which are used as cheap fillers. These grains lack nutritional value and moreover, dogs cannot break down the grains too easily which causes them to have digestive and even allergic issues.


Smushy Faces!

A grain free diet is particularly essential for brachycephalic breeds (flat-faced like Henry & Penny!), since they are more prone to have sensitivities to allergies and digestive complications. However, it is an advantage for any dog, regardless of shape, size or snout type!

Health Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Grain Free Food

→ More Energy!

→ Fewer Allergies

→ Better Digestive System

→ Less Shedding and Shinier Coats!

→ Better Breath (mmm!!)

→ Helps Regulate Weight and Muscle Development