Have you ever seen a cute dog online or on TV and thought, “HEY! MY DOG COULD THAT!!” Well, that happened to us! Here are few articles, TV clips, media and news segments that Henry & Penny have been fortunate to be a part of 

 Shut The Bark Up Blog

Our Boston Terrier friend, Amber, tried our Breakfast Buffet and wrote about it on her blog called SHUT THE BARK UP. Her article is super cute, make sure you check it out!! 12.15.14



 Penny Custom Blanket PrideBites

Penny was featured in an article for BarkPost to help promote PrideBites and their AWESOME customizable products! 12.9.14


 18 Things Only Bulldog Parents Understand

Henry & Penny were in an article for BarkPost as part of an article about 18 Things Only Bulldog Parents Understand! 12.2.14


 Penny is TOTALLY stuffed!

Penny was in an article for BarkPost! Demonstrating how she is totally STUFFING her belly this Thanksgiving!! 11.12.14



 Henry & Penny on Fox News

Our local Tampa Bay Fox News station came to our house & did a cute little segment on Henry & Penny! 10.13.14



Dog Friendly Stores That Allow Your Pooches

Henry & Penny wrote another article for BarkPost!! This got over 111K shares on Facebook! 07.08.14



BarkPost Dog House

Henry & Penny wrote an article for BarkPost with tips for moving with your dogs! 06.24.14



 Penny CarMax Commercial

Penny was featured in a CarMax commercial – she’s in here 4 times, can you spot her?! 01.21.14



 2013 was the year of the french bulldog

Henry was featured on Buzzfeed!! Proving why 2013 was the year of the french bulldog! 12.21.13