About Henry & Penny


“I’m not grumpy..I just need a nap.”

Date of Birth: October 7, 2012

Stats: 24 lbs, 1.5 feet tall (but 3 feet long baby!)

Location: Born in NYC, currently living it up in Tampa

Screenname: SirSnoresALot

Status: Single & fixed..but it’s all good!!

Education: Stubborn University

Likes: Sleeping, Tennis Balls, Car Rides, Napping, Getting food all over my face, Rolling around in my crate, Dozing Off..

Dislikes: Smoke Detectors, Storage Container Lids, Suitcases (I know when my humans are going away), Being the last to know what’s going on, Popcorn.

Favorite Food: Plain Non-Fat Yogurt & Freeze Pops

Ideal Mate: Someone sophisticated who can appreciate the finer things in life, like belly rubs!

On a Saturday You Can Find Me: Cruising around town checking out the ladies

Personality: I like to play with friends but I also need my space, geez.



“Hey there, buster. Say hi and get to know me!!”

Date of Birth: A girl never tells her age..but if you must know..September 8, 2013

Stats: 22 lbs, 1 foot tall and voluptuous! *wink wink*

Location: Born in the New York City glamour, now I’m working on my tan in sunny Florida!

Screenname: Princess_Penny_143

Status: Wouldn’t you like to know?! 😉

Education: Currently in school, but pursuing a modeling career!

Likes: Just about everything! But especially giving kisses, cuddling and tagging along with my older brother, Henry.

Dislikes: Baths and Lizards..that’s pretty much it!

Favorite Food: Whatever you’re having!

Ideal Mate: Looking for a dapper boy toy who likes to have fun.

On a Saturday You’ll Catch Me: …IF YOU CAN!!

Personality: Life of the party, DUH! <3


Henry was born in Staten Island, NY but had dreams of making it in the big city, so he moved to Manhattan to work on Wall Street. However after falling asleep on the job one too many times, and no way to hide it with his loud snoring, he realized he was far better off with bones than with bonds!

After leaving his job, Henry started to feel lost. Then he was blessed with a little sister named Penny and they quickly got along like two frenchies in a “paw-d”. They moved to Florida so that they could retire in endless amounts of sunshine (plus Henry wanted to work on his golf stroke).

Meanwhile, Penny took an interest in baking between trips to the beach, but found that many dog treats were not that good for her canine companions. Henry and Penny also love breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day, but they were sad that it was hard to find doggie breakfast items.

That’s when Henry & Penny decided they would bake their own scrumptious dog treats modeled after human breakfast foods. Henry finally found a way to promote healthy eating to his annoyi..*ahem*..adorable sister and all of their paw-some friends. This way they could make them super-delicious and fun, without any of the junk that you find in most dog food.

Now you can feed your dogs yummy and healthy snacks with H&P Dog Treats anytime of the day! Plus, breakfast for dinner?! UMM, YES PLEASE!!   :)